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The tuberous (also known as “tubular”) breast is a developmental breast anomaly characterized by varying degrees of constriction of the breast base and resulting in a tight and high inframammary crease with enlargement, prolapse, and ptosis (sagging) of the nipple areola complex. There is a wide spectrum of anatomical changes. In the mild forms the inframammary crease is either slightly blunted or simply too high with the breast seeming to “fall off” the crease as if it were a ledge. The more advanced forms can involve significant breast distortion. Most often the milder forms can be significantly improved or even completely corrected with implants alone. The more advanced forms cannot be addressed with only breast augmentation and more complex reconstructive techniques must be used.

Signs of a Tuberous Breast

Tuberous breasts are unable to fill out completely because they are constrained by your skin and your inframammary fold. Because of these limitations, your breasts grow narrowly and become tube-shaped instead of growing into a full, round shape.

Tuberous breasts tend to be:

  • High on the chest
  • Widely spaced
  • Asymmetrical in appearance (though not always)
  • Characterized by over-sized areolas that protrude

Correcting Tuberous Breasts

Correcting tuberous breasts requires a high level of training, experience, and precision. Charleston plastic surgeon Dr. Terranova has performed tuberous breast correction for many different patients, each with different variations of the disorder. Although the needs for each procedure will differ, the goal with tuberous breast correction is usually to lower the inframammary fold to establish a more normal position, expand the lower breast tissues, reduce the areola size, and create a rounder, more natural-appearing breast shape with the desired amount of cleavage. In cases where your breast skin is exceptionally tight, total correction may need to be performed in stages.

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