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With pregnancy and significant weight gain breast volume increases, in most cases, substantially. To accommodate this increase in volume, the breast skin envelope must stretch. In most cases this stretching leads to rupture of the skin’s elastic fibers (this is what stretch marks represent). After pregnancy and after significant weight loss breast volume usually returns to its previous level (involutes) or may even involute so much that the volume is even less than it was to begin with. In either event, the skin – – because it has lost its elastic capability – – usually does not contract to the new volume/contour. This results in a breast that is sagging, flat, and empty. The breast appears to be “deflated”.

The desire of most patients in this situation is to correct the sagging (we call it “ptosis”) and “re-inflate” the breast. In many cases this can be done by inserting a breast implant, i.e. a breast augmentation. The key to this procedure is being able to “fill the envelope”. In other words the implant must be large enough to provide the appropriate volume so that the skin envelope is no longer floppy or redundant and the nipple is “lifted” onto the face of the implant so that it does not appear to be too low.

In most cases, this is achievable and the result is a breast that has regained its volume and has a more youthful and sensuous appearance.

In some cases however, there is so much extra skin that only an implant of excessive size and weight will fill such an envelope. Placing an implant that is much too large is not only an aesthetic error but will lead to significant complications in the years ahead. So in a situation like this, we place an implant that provides the overall volume the patient wishes to achieve (we determine this by “sizing” the patient during the initial consultation) and then deal with the excess skin envelope in one of two ways. The patient can either accept the residual skin redundancy and nipple ptosis by using a bra/bathing suit to re-position the loose tissues. Or we can perform a breast lift (mastopexy) along with the augmentation.

In either event, we can almost always give the patient a result that matches her desires.

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