Breast Lift Information Charleston

Following pregnancy – or simply as women get older – the breast naturally descends because of gravity and sits lower on the chest wall. We are not talking here of the post-pregnancy / post-nursing breast, when the breast itself is flat and the nipple looks downward. With the low-slung breast, the breast is still full and the nipple still sits on the front of the breast and looks forward. But because the breast sits lower on the chest wall, the upper part of the breast (the upper pole) seems too flat or even concave.

This is the perfect situation for a breast implant. Most of these patients do not want or need an excessively large implant. A modest size implant will do nicely and the results are quite excellent.

However, the patient must realize that breast augmentation in this situation will not make the breast perkier. The breast will still be low-slung. However, it will now be much fuller and more voluptuous.

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