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Following pregnancy, moderate weight loss, and often with age, the breast will be somewhat lower on the chest wall that it was in youth. Along with that, the upper pole of the breast becomes elongated and flattened. There is simply not enough upper pole fullness.

This is not like the breast that has sagged significantly with the nipple far below the crease and essentially looking at the floor rather than looking straight out from the face of the breast. In that instance a breast lift (mastopexy) will be required.

This is also not like the breast that is “deflated” following pregnancy or significant weight loss. In that situation the breast is empty. In this situation, there is still a reasonable amount of volume remaining but, in essence, the footprint of the breast has been lowered.

We cannot raise the breast footprint to where it was in youth or prior to pregnancy or moderate weight loss, but we can in some cases give the illusion of a higher breast with a more full and round upper pole.

In cases where the breast is relatively small or moderate in size, we can provide this change with breast implants (augmentation). A small or moderate sized implant can both increase the overall size of the breast and increase the upper pole fullness without significant downsides.

However if the breast is already fairly large, the implant size that is required to noticeably increase upper pole fullness will be very large indeed. This usually leads to an unacceptable aesthetic result and, often, long-term complications. In patients like this, a breast lift often provides little in the way of long-term improvement because the heavy breast that is left behind will sooner or later return to its lower level. The only solution in such a case is a modest reduction in breast size in addition to the lift. Some patients are willing to accept this trade-off; some are not.

Although there are a few women for whom there is no good surgical solution, the majority of patients with low-slung breasts can be helped to attain what they desire.

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