The Breast that is Simply Too Small Charleston

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This is one of the most common reasons that young women seek out breast augmentation. Young women with very small breasts often cannot fill out clothing as they would like. And this issue becomes especially problematic with bathing suits. It is not unusual for me to see women in college or even late high school who are so distressed with their particular anatomy that they seek a surgical solution.

Breast augmentation, in the appropriate patient and the appropriate setting, is the perfect solution.

The appropriate patient is mature and self- motivated. She is doing this for her own self-esteem and not to please someone else. She has good support systems (husband, friends, parents, etc.) and a reasonable expectation of what the result will be.

What is the appropriate setting? The anatomy of the individual patient must allow for a result that conforms to the patient’s expectations. What does that mean?

Breasts that are very small often have a very tight skin “envelope”. Such a breast cannot accept a large breast implant. The aesthetic result will be poor and long term problems may be significant. This means that the size that can be achieved with augmentation may be limited and therefore not meet the patient’s initial desires. So sometimes the patient must adjust her expectations to conform to what can reasonably be achieved.

Fortunately, most patients agree that a breast that looks natural and voluptuous but is smaller is to be preferred to a breast that is larger but looks fake and obviously has implants.

We always ask patients how large they would like to be. The answer is often given In terms of cup size. But that is a very imprecise measure of breast volume and projection. A D-cup at Victoria’s Secret is a C-cup at Sears! So whenever a patient tells me what cup-size she would like to achieve, I really do not know what picture is in her mind.

So we spend a lot of time during the consultation (and often at a second or third visit) with a bra and silicone inserts determining which implant volume will provide the best result for any given patient.

It is this attention to the little details that ensures that our patients will have the results that they desire.

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