Breast Enhancement Testimonials Charleston

“I was originally referred to Dr. T by a good friend of mine. I went to his office for a consult for breast augmentation and loved him. He was very honest and informative, and those particular things are a ‘must’ when it comes to a plastic surgeon! He told me what I needed to know, versus what I wanted to hear. That same day, I scheduled my surgery. The results I received were exactly what he informed me of. I was very satisfied with his work. My confidence and self esteem increased dramatically! I was so excited to start wearing the ‘cute little shirts and unpadded bikini tops’ I always dreamed about wearing. I have total and complete trust in Dr. T and his work; enough trust to have sent multiple family members and many close friends. I highly recommend Dr. T and his practice (did I mention how amazing his office staff is, as well?) for any reconstructions anyone may need. I am still continuing, and will continue to refer anyone who is interested in plastic surgery. I trust him with my life….And I will be back to see him…One day :)”
S. in Harleyville, SC

“A few words I would use to describe Dr. Terranova (Dr. T) would be caring, compassionate, professional and highly competent. After nursing my son over a year, I was not pleased with my body. I counted it a blessing to have been a nursing mother, however, in going from a nice B cup to who knows what on one side and whatever on the other side, I had no doubt that implants were what I wanted. I worked with someone who had gone to Dr. T and I was impressed with her results. I scheduled a consultation and I was surprised at the amount of time he spent with me. He went into great details as to the pros as well as potential complications that could result during or after the surgery. His compassionate side was interested in why I wanted implants. I went on to explain. I remember telling him that I did not want to be ‘Dolly Parton-ish.’ I will never forget his response, ‘Well, if someone is looking into becoming a stripper then I am not the doctor for them.’

I went through with the surgery. I was very pleased that his office was equipped with a surgery room and I did not have to be wheeled through a busy hospital holding my chest as was the case with some of my friends. Dr. Terranova called me that night himself and the following morning to check on my progress. I was surprised he did not get one of his great and highly skilled office personnel to call me.

Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks, I did have a capsular contracture. I was so disappointed. When I went to Dr. T for my follow up he put me at ease in explaining that there is nothing concrete that can say why this happens to some women and not others, so there was nothing I did or did not do to cause this. He and I then discussed my options to correct the issue.

I decided to undergo a second surgery to correct the problem. Dr. T, who being on the cutting edge of his field, placed me on a new medicine that was found to prevent capsular contracture, however, he gave no guarantees. His research and knowledge paid off. I could not be more pleased with him, his staff, or their professionalism. When my sister saw ‘my girls’ she wanted them for herself. She asked me to find a doctor just as skilled as Dr. T in her area. I did the research and many in her area had gone to prestigious universities just as Dr. T, however, none of them had my trust to refer my beloved sister to them. Needless to say, she traveled 6 1/2 hours to have Dr. T perform her surgery. He also continued to follow up with her once she returned home. What an awesome doctor. She is ecstatic and one of her friends plans to make that 6 1/2 hour trip to have Dr. T perform her surgery as well.

Dr. Terranova, you and your staff are head and shoulders above the rest to me. Thank you for all that you have done. Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude.”
D. in Summerville, SC

“When you choose Dr. Terranova for your procedure, you have chosen the best of the best of plastic surgeons! He is a perfectionist! If Dr. Terranova does not think that a certain procedure is best for you, he will tell you that it isn’t best for you or isn’t necessary. How many plastic surgeons would do that? He is honest and he genuinely cares about his patients!

I am completely happy with every procedure that Dr. Terranova has performed for me. I wouldn’t let any other plastic surgeon touch me. Dr. Terranova has certainly changed my life and made me feel better about my body!

You will know you have made the best choice when you see the end results of an artistic and talented surgeon like Dr. Terranova.

Dr. Terranova and his staff are always very professional and friendly. They are a team that definitely cares about their patients!”
W. in Walterboro, SC

“After having three children in a matter of three and a half years, my body had changed to the point that I did not recognize it. I tried exercise and eating well but there were things that had stretched that I just could not fix with exercise alone. My gynecologist said that Dr. Terranova had a great reputation and maybe I should consult with him. I made an appointment with him soon after that. That was around ten years ago and I am so glad that I have had such a great doctor in my life ever since. I have had several surgeries with Dr. Terranova, three to be exact. I have been completely and utterly pleased with all the results. With a combination of the procedures and a healthy lifestyle, I feel as though I look better than I did before I starting having my children. My results look very natural and there is minimal scarring. His attention to detail is beyond compare, his follow-up consults are concise and straight to the point with a level of caring and concern that makes you feel at ease. His confidence in his work shines through and that definitely put me at ease for each surgery. The support staff that Dr. Terranova has shows his level of perfection because everyone that he has working with him has the same kind of professionalism, caring and concern that he does. I am a lifelong patient of Dr. Terranova’s and whether it be elective cosmetic surgery or emergency/non-elective cosmetic surgery, my family and I will always look to Dr. Terranova to bring his expertise to the table and to give us excellent results.”
S. in Mt. Pleasant, SC