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Following pregnancy or massive weight loss, we often see a breast that is flat with the nipple pointing downward. We call this the deflated breast. The term fits, because the breast does indeed look as if someone let all the air out.

The solution is to re-inflate the breast by inserting an implant. This is a pretty straightforward breast augmentation in most cases, but in some patients, the size of the skin envelope is so large that only an extremely large implant will totally re-inflate the breast. Placing an extremely large implant presents two problems. First, the resulting size is often unacceptable. Secondly, a very large implant can lead to significant long-term difficulties such as implant descent (bottoming out) and even extrusion.

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, or Both?

So, what then do we do in that particular situation? We have two options. We can place an implant that will achieve the size increase that the patient desires and then deal with the residual tissue laxity (the nipple/areola complex sits too low on the face of the implant) by performing a breast lift or by doing nothing and letting a bra elevate the loose tissues to their proper position.

Most of our patients who are in this situation prefer to place the appropriate size implant and then see what they think. Most do nothing further feeling that in public they will look great because they’re wearing a bra. Others will proceed with a mastopexy (breast lift) because they wish to also look great when they’re not wearing much in the way of support.

Breast augmentation and mastopexy can be done together and can be done simultaneously without an increase in complications. However it is not always best to do them at the same time. In some cases it is not clear that the patient will need a mastopexy in addition to simply placing an implant. In this situation, it is often best to defer a mastopexy. The patient will therefore have a chance to “live with the result” for a few months and can make a more reasoned decision about whether adding a small mastopexy will be the correct choice.

Keeping Your Budget in Mind

In our Charleston area practice, we try to price augmentation/mastopexy at one stage and augmentation and mastopexy at separate stages at very similar levels. In this way, our patients are not necessarily pressured into making a decision about the best course for them based solely on cost.

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