Post Operative Liposuction Tips Charleston

All modern liposuction techniques are based on the tumescent method. Large amounts of fluid (usually saline) containing local anesthetic and epinephrine (to control blood loss) are injected into the fat space prior to actual suctioning. About a third to one half of this fluid is removed along with the fat. The rest will drain from the tiny access incisions for some 12 to 24 hours. Despite multiple maxi pads that we use as part of the dressings, the process is, simply put, “messy.”

Charleston liposuction surgeon Dr. William Terranova tells his patients to purchase Chux pads or puppy training pads, and place those over an inexpensive shower curtain or trashbags or a plastic mattress protector to protect furniture and mattress.

The maxi pads are held in place with a mesh-type wrap. The maxi pads will soak through to some degree. We give our patients extra pads to take home with them. However we encourage them to simply add dry ones to the soaked pads as needed rather than replacing them completely. Totally removing the soaked pads and applying new ones and replacing the mesh wrap is simply too uncomfortable early on following the procedure.

The day following surgery the drainage will have largely stopped and a shower can be taken. We tell our patients that when they remove all of the dressings in preparation for showering, they should open a large trash bag and lay it in the tub or shower stall and with someone helping them, stand in the trash bag, remove all of the dressings and then step to the side and close the trash bag. In this way, the patient does not have to worry about getting bloody drainage on their floor. This makes everything easier and a lot less messy.[n1]

Many patients tell us that they experience a fair amount of itching in the liposuction areas. Using moisturizing lotion can be very helpful with this.

We put all of our patients in elasticized garments at some point postoperatively. It is generally assumed by patients event’s that these garments help reduce swelling and improve the overall result. In fact this is not the case. However they do provide a certain amount of improved comfort by limiting movement of the skin with walking, twisting, and more. These garments are not custom fit and occasionally some of our patients will have problems with improper fit. In those cases we will recommend that they purchase a spandex type of garment such as Spanx for improved comfort.

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