Liposuction Candidacy Charleston

Who are the best candidates for liposuction? In general the best candidates for liposuction, one of several body contouring procedures offered at the practice of Charleston liposuction surgeon William Terranova, MD, are patients who have specific disproportionate body areas where the disproportion is caused primarily by excess fat. These patients do not significant skin excess and skin elasticity in this particular area is reasonably good.

Patients with generalized obesity are not good candidates for liposuction. It can certainly be done and done safely, but to what end? There will either be little postoperative difference or obvious disproportion is created. These patients are generally much better off losing a significant amount of weight. Even though this likely will result in a situation that has to be corrected by more invasive, excision surgery, the results will be far better and more dramatic and will have been much more worth the money spent.

Patients with significant excess skin or who have skin with very poor elasticity, are also not good candidates. If these patients have liposuction alone (i.e., without concomitant skin excision), the skin will either not contract at all leaving significant and obvious skin folds or will contract irregularly leading to significant surface deformities and wrinkling.

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