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What Does Brachioplasty Treat?

With age or significant weight loss, the upper arms often develop redundant, hanging skin. This can be quite embarrassing to some women, particularly when wearing short-sleeved attire. Brachioplasty (upper arm lift) involves the surgical excision of this redundant skin, resulting in improved upper arm contours. Liposuction is sometimes incorporated to further refine the arm’s new contours.

Brachioplasty Candidates

To determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for brachioplasty, Dr. Terranova will perform a physical examination of your arms and inquire about your health history and previous surgeries. He will also ask you to describe your ideal surgical outcome, so he can get a better idea of your goals.

In general, arm lift candidates are individuals who:

  • Are embarrassed by loose skin and fat on the upper arms
  • Are in good health (physically as well as psychologically)
  • Do not smoke, or plan to quit smoking at least two weeks prior to surgery
  • Have reasonable expectations of surgery
  • Are aware of the surgical risks

The Surgery – What to Expect

Brachioplasty is performed with anesthesia so you will be completely comfortable and not feel any pain during surgery. Dr. Terranova will place the surgical incision along the inside of the upper arm. The length of the incision (i.e., whether the scar extends partially or completely to the elbow) depends on several factors, including your unique anatomy, the amount of excess skin and the desired result.

Through the incision, Dr. Terranova will remove excess skin and reshape the underlying tissue. He will use liposuction techniques to remove excess fatty tissue. He will then re-drape the remaining skin more tightly over the new contours of the arm, and close the incisions with stitches.

If you have excess fat but no excess skin, liposuction may be sufficient, without incorporating any surgical excision into the procedure.

Recovering from Brachioplasty

Immediately following surgery, your arms may feel tight or tender. You will also have mild to moderate swelling. If you feel any pain or discomfort during your recovery, Dr. Terranova can prescribe oral pain medication.

The most important recovery guideline is to get plenty of rest and treat your body gently as you heal from surgery. Everyone recovers at a different pace, and it is not a race to recover the quickest. If Dr. Terranova has placed a compression garment around the arms, he will advise how long to keep it there. He will also let you know when it is safe to return to work, exercise and your normal routine.

Most arm lift patients take several days off from work to heal from surgery. It’s best to gradually return to normal arm and hand function over time. A slow and patient recovery will be well-worth it when you see your results!

Your Brachioplasty Results

Dr. Terranova’s Charleston brachioplasty patients often remark on how lean and toned their arms look after surgery. It’s usually easier to fit into short-sleeved shirts, and more likely for our patients to feel confident in sleeveless tops or bathing suits.

The brachioplasty scar is noticeable at first, but fades considerably with time. If you’d like, Dr. Terranova can recommend certain products to use to minimize scarring.

Other Body Sculpting Procedures

Arm lift surgery can be combined with another body sculpting procedure for more comprehensive improvement in your shape. For example, you may want to inquire about thigh lift surgery, which slims the inner thighs, or tummy tuck surgery, which tightens the abdomen. All of these procedures are very popular amongst individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight through bariatric surgery, and have excessive leftover skin.

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