Body Contouring Testimonials Charleston

“I am so happy with the results of my surgeries. After gaining and losing a lot of weight, my appearance made me look and feel so old. My ‘make over’ was an extreme success! The face lift took years from my face. The tummy tuck and body sculpting, well …I am back to wearing a bathing suit that shows my tummy at 60! You and your staff are so caring and professional. It was obvious that my health and comfort were top priorities for the entire staff. If I had known the results would be this great I would have done it sooner.
Thank you for everything!”
J. in Mt. Pleasant, SC

“When you choose Dr. Terranova for your procedure, you have chosen the best of the best of plastic surgeons! He is a perfectionist! If Dr. Terranova does not think that a certain procedure is best for you, he will tell you that it isn’t best for you or isn’t necessary. How many plastic surgeons would do that? He is honest and he genuinely cares about his patients!

I am completely happy with every procedure that Dr. Terranova has performed for me. I wouldn’t let any other plastic surgeon touch me. Dr. Terranova has certainly changed my life and made me feel better about my body!

You will know you have made the best choice when you see the end results of an artistic and talented surgeon like Dr. Terranova.

Dr. Terranova and his staff are always very professional and friendly. They are a team that definitely cares about their patients!”
W. in Walterboro, SC

“After having three children in a matter of three and a half years, my body had changed to the point that I did not recognize it. I tried exercise and eating well but there were things that had stretched that I just could not fix with exercise alone. My gynecologist said that Dr. Terranova had a great reputation and maybe I should consult with him. I made an appointment with him soon after that. That was around ten years ago and I am so glad that I have had such a great doctor in my life ever since. I have had several surgeries with Dr. Terranova, three to be exact. I have been completely and utterly pleased with all the results. With a combination of the procedures and a healthy lifestyle, I feel as though I look better than I did before I starting having my children. My results look very natural and there is minimal scarring. His attention to detail is beyond compare, his follow-up consults are concise and straight to the point with a level of caring and concern that makes you feel at ease. His confidence in his work shines through and that definitely put me at ease for each surgery. The support staff that Dr. Terranova has shows his level of perfection because everyone that he has working with him has the same kind of professionalism, caring and concern that he does. I am a lifelong patient of Dr. Terranova’s and whether it be elective cosmetic surgery or emergency/non-elective cosmetic surgery, my family and I will always look to Dr. Terranova to bring his expertise to the table and to give us excellent results.”
S. in Mt. Pleasant, SC

“Dr Terranova and Staff,
I entered Dr. Terranova’s office 13 years ago and thought a tummy tuck would be the answer to all of my problems. At that time I weighed 210 pounds. The honest doctor that I have said, ‘Deb, you are fat and need to lose weight.’ I was shocked but yet I knew the truth. He wanted the best results for me and that was not the correct method.

I showed up again two years later 60 pounds lighter and still needed lots of help. Dr. T. was shocked that I had achieved my weight loss. I was pleasantly surprised by his smile. I can still picture that smile ten years later. My daughter was getting ready to graduate from college and I wanted her to be proud of me. Dr T. moved heaven and earth to get me on the schedule with enough time before the graduation. The two surgeries were a long day for my family, but it was the beginning of a new life for me.

The next week was tough, but I immediately would have done the surgery again. For the first time in 26 years I didn’t have a large tummy bump. My husband took off work a week and helped me in the recovery. He is an amazing man.

One week later I asked him to please take me to Talbots to see what size I was. I had dropped a complete size but the most important thing to me is that I could wear my tops inside my pants. I always wore long tops to cover my stomach. Dr. T. called it a stomach apron because it hung so low.

It’s been 10 years and I am proud to still show off my flat tummy.

Dr. T., you will always be my hero.

On another note, six months after my tummy tuck, I returned to have a breast uplift. I am one lucky lady with a happy hubby. Thanks to my loving husband and to a great Dr. Terranova.”
D. in Summerville, SC