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In some patients, particularly those who have lost significant amounts of weight, the abdominal area skin excess is circumferential not just anterior. In other words, in addition to excess, sagging skin above and below the belly button, there is also loose, redundant skin around the flanks and the back.

In that situation, correction of only the anterior part of the problem (tummy tuck) leads to a less than optimal aesthetic result. The front is flatter, but the sides look even wider in comparison. And because the problem is extra skin more than it is extra fat, liposuction will not be very effective.

In these patients, the best course is to remove the excess skin circumferentially—i.e. from the front, sides, and back. This is called a belt lipectomy or circumferential abdominoplasty. This provides the optimal aesthetic result. The improvement is usually dramatic.

This is more surgery, no doubt, but for a healthy patient neither the post-operative recovery nor the level of risk are substantially different than a standard tummy tuck.

Yes, the scar is longer than a tummy tuck scar because it extends around the sides to the back. But just like the tummy tuck scar, the belt lipectomy scar is hidden by most panty and bathing suit styles. And a great plus to this operation is that it provides correction to the sagging /flattened buttocks as well as improvement of the waistline.

The more youthful and sexy tummy, flanks and buttocks are a great reward for all the work and sacrifice involved in losing all that weight!

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