Liposuction Charleston

Published on July 24, 2018

Liposuction is a body contouring procedure performed to improve a specific area of the body that has been unresponsive to diet and exercise. Nearly all of us have that one area of our body that we are the most self-conscious about–the area that is the first place we gain weight and the last place we lose it in (if ever). Sometimes diet and exercise alone just isn’t enough to achieve the results we are looking for…and in these cases, Liposuction can sometimes be that final solution you need. Liposuction can be performed on virtually any area of the body from the mid-section to the hips, the buttocks to the thighs, knees, arms and even the cheeks and neck!

Liposuction is performed through tiny incisions in the specified area through which a long, skinny tube (cannula) is inserted and the fat is suctioned out. Dr. Terranova always works with each patient to create natural-looking results. If you are interested in learning more about the liposuction procedure and recovery process, and to find out if it may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation with us today.